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before youVisit China, knowing a little fact about Chinese culture will help you gain insight into it and find more love! Chinese culture is a rich and colorful tapestry intertwined with historyFive thousand. No wonder culture is so fascinating. Here we introduce you some interesting facts about Chinese culture. We combine modern culture and traditional culture.

1. Dating someone means it’s an exclusive relationship

You might be surprised by the first Chinese cultural fact, but it is what it is - when you date someone in China, that person automatically assumes it's an exclusive relationship.

This is very different from dating culture in western countries where people like to go on very casual dates and then have "exclusive talk" before the commitment happens.

so if you wanna datesomeone elsewhereIn China, you must terminate the existing "relationship" first.

2. Your friends may ask how much money you make

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Talking about money is common in China because money is not a taboo subject in Chinese culture. No wonder there are so many rich people in China - the Chinese are not afraid of money!

Most westerners never talk about money. In fact, American money coach Ramit Sethi even goes so far as to say, “If you get people to talk about money, most Westerners would rather talk about their sex life.”

However, if you live in China, some of your Chinese friends may ask you how much you make every month - don't be surprised by this unique fact of Chinese culture!

3. There are 56 ethnic minorities in China

Foreigners are often surprised to find that China has56 racesrecognized by the Chinese government. The largest of these is the Han Chinese, who make up more than 90 percent of China's population. Every nation has its own customs, culture, clothing and so on.

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4. The zodiac is very important

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In Western culture, Bazi seems to be the pursuit of hippies, but in China,Chinese ZodiacThank you all. Known as the zodiac, it is based on the 12-year cycle in the Chinese lunar calendar. For example, each year of the cycle is associated with one of 12 different animals, such as dragons, horses, sheep, and snakes.

So, it's time to check whatyourZodiac is an event if you want to know more about Chinese culture.

5. China attaches great importance to the family

this is familyGratefulIn China, maybe one of the most important things here.

“While many Chinese elders bemoan the lack of a clear moral compass or strict standards of conduct for young people born in or after the 1980s, no one in China forgets the importance of family.” FromThe importance of family in China,Porcelain corner.

This is why, even today, getting married and starting a family are almost non-negotiable, as are regular gatherings with relatives to strengthen family bonds.

6. Chinese tea is more than just a drink

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In China, it is essential to serve a pot of hot tea to guests. It is also an integral part of socializing with others, much like Westerners meet friends or business contacts for coffee at Starbucks!

7. Different styles of Chinese Kung Fu

its ancient formmartial artsThe game known as Kung Fu consists of several different styles. There is Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Shaolin. Not everyone in China is as fit as Jackie Chan, although many practice for fitness.

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That said, some Chinese are now interested in coffee because they are curious about the West. This is a new Chinese cultural activity.

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8. Chinese calligraphy is an art

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Chinese CalligraphyIt's not just a form of writing. It's an art form in itself. Surprisingly, these works reveal the deep meaning of Chinese characters. They make great souvenirs of your time in China. Plus, you can even take a class to learn how to do it!

9. In China, food is life

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After staying in China for a long time, the Chinese people you know will always ask you if you have eaten. The kitchen here is big, not just for the food.foodIt is as much an art as calligraphy. Each region has a different style of cuisine, and it is essential to experience China and socialize through food.

10. Confucianism has a great influence

In Confucianism, respecting the monarch, respecting the elders, respecting the family, and creating social harmony are all extremely important. you will noticethis effectMany things to do during your stay in China.

ha! This is great news for you - if soTeaching English in China, people will respect youbecause you are a teacher. Confucianism seems to be a wonderful part of Chinese culture.

11. Chinese festivals are everything

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Especially during the Chinese New Year, the whole country celebrates together.

Family becomes more important, and each holiday has special customs, such as eating pasta or special food.

12. Dragons are not scary in Chinese culture

you will seeChinese dragoneverywhere.

In Chinese culture, they are believed to bring strength, wealth, success and wisdom. These are not the evil monsters that western society presents.

13. Chinese has many dialects

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As we know, Chinese is not a single language. Ihas many dialects and variants, some of which differ significantly from each other. Second, it is sometimes difficult for people who speak different dialects to understand each other.

Mandarin, also known asmandarin,is the standard language of China. In addition to Mandarin, there are countless dialects spoken in different regions of China, such asson (Cantonese), Jiangxi, Fujian, Wu, Xiang, and Hakka (Hakka) also have different partsHan people.

14. Cricket fighting has a long history as a sport

The appreciation of crickets in China has a long history (over 1500 years). They were kept as pets in ancient times, and their song has been historically considered one of nature's most beautiful songs.

From August to October, it is common to see street vendors surrounded by small jars of arseniccricketBorn to fight. The sport is so popular that many experts study the habits of each cricketer to identify the strongest fighters. Some of them can fetch upwards of $100.

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That said, cricket fighting has become less common in urban China these days. May this fact of Chinese culture not be lost in the future!

15. In China, never say never

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Chinese culture values ​​respect above all else, so the language can be quite ambiguous when the time comesreject someone.

Therefore, it is important to understand the context of the situation and read for social cues that may be hidden between the words.

For example, the Chinese may change the subject or avoid the question altogether, rather than expressing a direct refusal.

16. Table tennis is very important in China

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You can find tables everywhere: Schools and parks are hot spots for the sport, and almost every city or town has at least one team.

It's a big deal, there are at least 10 million Chinese citizens playing table tennis and so-called table tennisPing-pong diplomacyUse this sport to help bring the United States and China closer together.

Chinese Culture: Summary

many things will happen eventuallyFive thousand.

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A country that has existed for so long must have a rich history, full of cultural and fascinating elements passed down from generation to generation.

You'll be well on your way by knowing these cultural facts about ChinaDiscover beautySuch a unique culture!

You may also be interested in reading about them10 Chinese customs that Westerners are not used to.


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