Four of Cups: love advice, future outcomes, yes or no? (2023)

The Four of Cups represents the human tendency to value things. The universe continues to offer opportunities, but you don't always see them.

The answers to your problems are right in front of you. Instead of dwelling on your problems, focus on solutions.

  • element water
  • Planet: Lua
  • Star sign Cancer
  • Important dates: July 12th to July 21st

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Visual elements and symbolism

In the Rider-Waite deck, the Four of Cups features a man sitting thoughtfully under a tree on a mountaintop. Despite his fertile and tranquil surroundings, his expression is somber.

On the ground directly in front of him are three golden goblets, while another is held aloft by a hovering hand next to him. Your deep state of meditation prevents you from noticing or caring about these offerings.

The Four of Cups as a person

The Four of Cups as a person are dissatisfied with their current state of being. This is someone who lacks the motivation to pursue happiness, resulting in missed opportunities that would otherwise meet their needs and desires.

"This letter is filled with resistance," says Lori LytleTarot of the Inner Goddess. "A magical hand offers the card character a golden cup, but it's clear they want nothing to do with it."

These people usually take things for granted and often overlook what valuable experiences could and should be. As such, the life of one represented by the Four of Cups often lacks excitement and happiness.

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well vertical

The Fours of Chalices upright

This upright card is a sign of new opportunities coming your way. And yet you keep pushing them away. It's possible that you're just not interested in these options, or that you're feeling overwhelmed with what you already have on hand.

"When the Four of Cups appears, it's wise to examine the opportunities that come before you — especially in the area of ​​love and relationships — but chances are you have good reasons not to," Lytle explains.

love and relationships

In a love reading, the Four of Cups appears as a warning that your relationship is losing its magic. While it can be difficult to accept this reality, continuing this relationship will not do any good for either of you.

Lytle advises, “A love reading offers you more of the same, the same, and the time has come to break old patterns that aren't good for you. If you're feeling dissatisfied or bored with your romantic situation, formulate a strategy for breaking out of this rut.”

If you are looking to start a new romantic relationship, this card could be taken as a sign that one of your potential clients may not be the one for you. They might be hiding something or just revealing the parts of themselves that they know you find most attractive.

As a lover and romantic partner, you tend to get bored easily and you don't do well when attention is taken away from you. If you are single, it would be wise to look inside and think seriously about the type of person you are likely to be dating in a committed relationship.


The Four of Cups indicates that you have become bored with your current job. Your dissatisfaction will eventually lead to poor performance that will keep you from moving forward in your professional life.

If you find yourself in a position where you can't change jobs or take time off, it's important that you at least try to find the motivation to work hard to excel.


When you compare yourself to others, you miss out on important financial opportunities that can transform your entire situation.

Set more realistic personal goals that keep you from feeling like you're not succeeding. Focus on the positive aspects of what you have achieved so far and keep hope for the future.


You need to reevaluate how you take care of yourself. If you've been ill, ask yourself if you've made the right lifestyle changes to prevent the disease from coming back in the future.

If you've put off health-related resolutions like exercising more, eating better, or getting more rest, it's time to put those things into action.


The inverted four of cups

The Four of Cups reversed the call for a period of introspection and withdrawal from the outside world.

You may feel uninspired or disappointed in the world around you. Your tendency to compare yourself to others should be suspended during this period of introspection.

love and relationships

If you are single, drawing this card indicates that you are finally coming out of a lonely period where you were not at all interested in forming new relationships. You might have withdrawn from the world because of a bad breakup, but now you're really over it and ready to start dating again.

When you are in a relationship, you may find that something is wrong between you and your partner. It's time to either give up on this relationship or prepare to work really hard to fix it.


You are in a phase of professional stagnation. However, this will soon change as new opportunities arise. In the inverted position, the Four of Cups tells you that your career will take a positive turn.


If you stop and look around, you'll soon discover new financial opportunities that you hadn't considered before. Although you are highly motivated now, make sure you follow through on your projects or your hard work will result in missing even more opportunities.


The Four of Chalices in the inverted position is an invigorating and positive sign. Your outlook on life may have been negatively impacted due to ongoing health issues, but positive vibes are coming your way.

This shift will lead you on a spiritual path of gratitude and appreciation.

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Your past, present and future

Drawing the Four of Cups in their former position could be an indication that the basis of your current situation is the result of opportunities that you have overlooked in the past. You may have left a fulfilling relationship or missed an important career move.

This can leave you feeling bitter and wishing you had taken advantage of opportunities that led to a better future. They tend to blame everything and everyone but themselves for these mistakes. In order to move forward, you must learn to accept the past.

In its current position, the Four of Cups indicates that you are closed to solutions that would really help you solve your life problems. This can manifest itself as denying love to yourself and those who care about you, or stubbornly ignoring a better way of doing things.

To make progress, you must look in the mirror and be honest about your behavior—recognize that the defense mechanisms within you are hindering rather than encouraging your growth.

This card is most advantageous in the future position. There is a certain wisdom in the Four of Cups that will apply to you over time as you grow older. Eventually you will understand what triggered your past negative experiences and learn to avoid them.

Important card combinations

The Four of Cups in combination with other cards dampens the reading mood. When a positive card precedes the Four of Cups, it becomes a warning that the opportunity at hand is not all it seems.

Conversely, if a positive card is drawn after the Four of Cups, it can be an indication of progress. You finally let go of your skepticism to pursue the opportunities ahead.

"In some cases, the Four of Chalices will ask you to consider whether you are weepy, moody or apathetic," says the tarot expert.Carrie Mellon. "In other cases, the Four of Cups may indicate that a healthy type of withdrawal is in order."

Four Cups and Temperance

This combination is a sign that you are ready to let go of the excesses in your life to seek peace. Otemperance cardit indicates that you are able to resist temptation and focus on the growth opportunities around you.

Four of Cups und Ace of Spades

The Four of Cupsrepresents the human tendency to take things for granted. This combination suggests that you speak your mind and express yourself in a way that your loved ones may not like.

Four of Cups und Ace of Wands

This pairing indicates that you have mastered certain skills.The Ace of Spadesit suggests that you know what to do and how to do it, but more importantly, you know how to behave, and it only reveals those sides of your personality that will benefit that process.

Four of Cups: Yes or No?

The Four of Cups indicates the answer is no. Now is not the time to deal with the current situation - the topic must be postponed to a later date.

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