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Four of Cups tarot card meaning (1)

Vertical meaning guide

Main meanings of the Upright Four of Cups tarot card:

Regret, rejection of offers, missed opportunities, stagnation, apathy, disappointment, focus on the negative, selfishness, depression, boredom, nostalgia, remorse, longing, frustration, fatigue, meditation, daydreaming, fantasizing

General meaning and interpretation(vertical)

In general context, the Four of Cups tarot card can represent missed opportunities, regrets, or regrets. It can also mean becoming self-centered due to depression, negativity, or apathy. The Four of Cups can indicate that you are feeling bored or disillusioned with your life, that you are focusing on the negative, or that you have a feeling that the grass is greener on the other side. You may feel like you have lost your passion and motivation for life. When this Minor Arcana card appears in your tarot overlay it contains a warning to inform yourself of any opportunities or offers that are available to you. You may be inclined to dismiss them as insignificant now, but later you may find that they would have led to amazing things. The Four of Cups can also represent nostalgic feelings, daydreams or fantasies.

love and relationships(vertical)

If you are single, the Four of Cups in a love tarot can indicate regret for previous mistakes in the love department. It may indicate that you are so focused on what's missing in your love life, or the relationships you've had that haven't worked, that you're missing out on the opportunities for love that are right in front of you. If you miss this opportunity, you may regret it deeply later, so don't dismiss potential partners or offers of dates out of hand. Sometimes we find love where we least expect it. When you are in a relationship, the Four of Cups can indicate that you have become complacent in the relationship or that you are so caught up in a fantasy about how you want your relationship to be that you don't value it for what it is is. Consider whether this is a good use of your energy and what it might do to reinvest that energy in appreciating your partner for who they are.

In a professional context, the Four of Cups can indicate that you are feeling bored or unfulfilled in your career. You may feel like your career has stalled. When it comes to money and career, the Four of Cups tarot card can mean that you are unaware of the opportunities around you because you are too busy envying what others have. Focus on yourself, find gratitude for what you already have and open yourself to the possibilities that surround you and you will see that things will improve.

money and career(vertical)


In a health context, the Four of Cups tarot card can indicate that health problems have caused you to feel depressed, tired, or frustrated. Perhaps you are saddened by the limitations your health problems impose on you. Focus on what you can, not what you can't, and don't be afraid to reach out to support groups or a career counselor if you're having trouble staying positive. Sometimes just talking about things and knowing you're not alone can make a world of difference.


In a spiritual context, the Four of Cups can indicate that you are feeling disillusioned or that you wish your life would just go away and you are wondering what if. You need to let go of your past regrets and focus on the good things that are happening around you. A good way to do this is to think of a thing or two that you are grateful for each day. This will help you focus on the present and the positive. Meditation and Reiki would be helpful to bring you back into balance and help release any negative energy that you may have held inside.

Four of Cups tarot card meaning (3)

Reverse meaning guide

Four of Cups Reversed Tarot CardKey Bedeutungen:

Seizing opportunities, letting go of regrets, ending stagnation, motivation, enthusiasm, showing initiative, interest, focus, self-awareness, focus on the positive, gratitude, joy of life, revitalized

General meaning and interpretation(invested)

In general, the Four of Cups reverse tarot card indicates that you are getting out of the rut you have been in. While your life seemed stagnant before, it is now coming to an end. The inverted Four of Cups represents letting go of past regrets, regrets and illusions and focusing on the present and moving in a positive direction. You will seize opportunities with enthusiasm and focus. It means that you have realized that you were detached from the world and trapped in self-centeredness and that has now been replaced with confidence and zest for life. You've stopped fantasizing about what your life might be like, or wallowing in pain or self-pity, and you're ready to rejoin the world and take a proactive approach to making things happen. You may be letting go of patterns or people in your life that are no longer good for you when this Minor Arcana card appears. The inverted Four of Cups can also represent being spoiled by being swamped by others. When you have this type of behavior, you need to take responsibility for yourself and stop expecting others to do everything for you. If you don't, it will be to your own detriment.

love and relationships(invested)

If you are single, the Four of Cups reversed tarot card in a Love tarot may indicate that you are coming out of a period of detachment or loneliness when you were not interested in dating or starting a relationship. You may have withdrawn from the world due to the trauma of a bad breakup to give yourself time to heal. The inverted Four of Cups indicates that you have rolled over in your agony and are ready for a fresh start. If you are in a relationship, the inverted Four of Cups indicates that after a long period of soul searching you may have realized that the relationship is no longer working and you are ready to let it go. Alternatively, you may be ready to focus on the relationship only to suddenly find you have a renewed enthusiasm and interest in making the relationship work.

money and career(invested)

In a career context, the inverted Four of Cups indicates that you have gone through a period of stagnation in your career that is about to change suddenly. You become aware of the possibilities that open up to you. The Four of Cups in an inverted position shows that you are taking a proactive approach to improving your career and finances. You are focused and full of positive energy, ready to go and get what you want. You may be grateful for what you have after a period of overly focusing on what you didn't have and feeling jealous or envious of others.


In a health context, the Four of Cups tarot card in an inverted position shows you feeling revitalized and positive. Know that when health issues have brought you to your knees, things will change. If you have allowed health issues to affect your outlook on life in general or prevent you from doing things, when this card appears your focus and attitude should become much more positive and you will find a new zest for life.

In a spiritual context, the inverted Four of Cups indicates that you are ready to get out of the spiritual rut you have been in. You are ready to let go of regrets, regrets and the past and focus on beauty. and the positivity that surrounds you. This can only bode well for your spiritual path as you begin to live an attitude of gratitude and take a proactive approach to discovering your spiritual path.


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