The Meaning of the Four of Swords Tarot Card (2023)

The Meaning of the Four of Swords Tarot Card (1)

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vertical meaning guide

Main meanings of the Four of Swords of the Vertical Tarot Card:

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Anxiety, anxiety, stress, overload, mental overload, need for solitude, relaxation, quiet, peace and quiet, refuge, meditation, regrouping, recovery, hospitalization, introspection, planning ahead, contemplation, self-protection, spiritual advice or support, having faith

GeneralMeaning and Interpretation(vertical)

In general context, the Four of Swords represents fear, anxiety and stress. You will feel overwhelmed and mentally overwhelmed when this occurs. This Minor Arcana tells you that the problems you are facing are not as bad as you think and that there are solutions. However, it suggests that you will allow negativity and become so overwhelmed that you will not be able to see the forest because of the trees. This card has more to do with your state of mind than any problem you are facing. Relax, regroup, and look at your situation calmly and rationally. If you put your fears aside and logically plan for the future, you will find a way forward. The Four of Swords tarot card also shows that you need calm, introspection, calm, relaxation and refuge. It is a recovery and hospitalization card. And it means having faith or receiving spiritual guidance or support.

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love and relationships(vertical)

If you are in a relationship, the Four of Swords in the Love Tarot could indicate that you and your partner are taking time off to rest, regroup and reconnect in your relationship. Anxiety, nervousness, and stress have left you and your partner longing for peace and quiet. Either of you may have broken up or are seeking solitude in response to the overwhelming pressure you are currently feeling. It takes some time away from stress for the two of you to reconnect, remember why you are together, and plan how you will deal with stress in the future. If you're single, the Four of Swords could mean that you need some introspection and solitude to reflect on what you really want in a partner. Don't let the fear of being single overwhelm you. If you get into a relationship just out of fear of being single, things are not going to end well for you! The right person often appears in our lives when we are not looking for them.

In a Career Tarot reading, the Four of Swords indicates that you really feel the pressure at work! Stress and worry overwhelm you and lead to mental overload. This Minor Arcana card indicates that you are struggling to cope and need to rest and relax so that you can regroup and get back on track. In a financial tarot, the Four of Swords means that you have been under financial pressure for some time and have now reached the point where you are so overwhelmed by the pressure that you don't believe things can change. However, that is just your perception. It's not as bad as you think! There is always a solution. You should try to relax and collect your thoughts. Don't let negativity cloud your thoughts.

Money and Career(vertical)

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In a Health Tarot reading, the Four of Swords can indicate that you need rest or recuperation, as this could be an indication of hospitalization. This card may indicate that anxiety-related illnesses may be troubled at this time. Try to take time out to relax and start over.


In a spiritual context, the Four of Swords can indicate that you may need solitude or sanctuary. You need to slow down and listen to your inner wisdom. Meditation would be good for you during this time. You may receive counseling and spiritual support during this time. If you've been through a tough time, this card is telling you to have faith that you'll get through it.

The Meaning of the Four of Swords Tarot Card (3)

reverse meaning guide

Four of Swords Inverted Tarot CardKey Bedeutungen:

Finding mental strength, awakening, returning to the world, coming out of isolation, recovering slowly, healing, nervous breakdown, burnout, restlessness, not taking care of yourself, lack of self-protection, not accepting advice or support, losing faith

General meaning and interpretation(Turned)

In the general context, the inverted four of swords represents the awakening and meeting of mental strength. You will come out of isolation after a period of loneliness or mental overload and return to the world. This minor arcana tells you that you are recovering slowly and that healing is possible. Alternatively, the Four of Swords reversed could indicate that your stress or anxiety level has reached such a point that burnout or a nervous breakdown or meltdown is imminent if you don't start taking care of yourself. You will experience extreme levels of anxiety and a feeling of restlessness when this occurs.

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love and relationships(Turned)

If you are in a relationship in a love tarot, the reversed Four of Swords can indicate that your relationship is slowly on the mend after a difficult period. Alternatively, it could indicate that the stress and anxiety you and your partner are experiencing has multiplied, pushing your relationship to the breaking point. Check the support map to confirm this. When single, the inverted four of the sword can signify a time of recovery and healing after breaking up a bad relationship, or the end of the period of mourning after a loss. They are slowly preparing to emerge from isolation and join the world. Alternatively, it could indicate that your fears and anxieties have consumed you so much that you have lost faith that you will ever have a happy relationship. You may need to accept advice or support, even if you don't think it's going to do any good, but it might help you regain some perspective and positivity so you can move forward.

Money and Career(Turned)

In a Career Tarot reading, the reversed Four of Swords can indicate that you are returning to work after a break, illness or other downtime. You may have to take time off to manage your stress levels, and now you feel empowered to manage your work and your work environment. Make sure you have stress management strategies in place. Alternatively, this Minor Arcana card could indicate that your stress or anxiety level has reached boiling point in your career and it may be time to think about looking for a new job. Do you wonder if a job is worth it if it makes you so miserable? Maybe you should do something else. In a financial tarot, the reversed four of swords means that your finances are on the mend after a difficult period. You should feel relieved of the pressure. Alternatively, the reversed Four of Swords may indicate that you are burdened with financial pressures and heading towards burnout. However, it does indicate that you are not accepting the help and support available to you. If you are struggling with debt there are organizations that can help you, just accept the help!

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In a Health Tarot reading, the Four of Swords reversed can indicate healing and recovery from a period of poor mental or physical health, or indicate that you have tried so hard or not taken care of yourself to the point of breaking it. ! It could also indicate a nervous or mental breakdown.

In a spiritual context, the reversed four of swords can indicate that you have lost faith or are going through some kind of spiritual crisis caused by fear and anxiety. You may have received counseling or spiritual support but turned it down if this card appears in your tarot reading. Rest, meditation and grounding are even more important during this time, as this card indicates the need to protect and care for yourself.


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